Achieving responsive, realistic, data driven design using Repeaters and RWD Views.

Presenter: Joseph Reni

Summary: In this presentation you will learn how to effectively use Repeaters to include accurate and realistic data in Axure prototypes. You will learn how to properly implement repeaters in multiple views as well as the principles and advantages of using expandable, editable data tables. Finally, this presentation will walk you through a tutorial of building an inline commenting feature which can take in comments and display them with avatars in a group of older comments. Participants will also learn how to dynamically filter, sort, and organize the repeater data.

Take Home:

  • Overview of the basic Repeater functionality
  • Understand the value of using realistic data
  • Learn some advanced methods of implementing Repeaters
  • Learn to effectively use Repeaters within RWD views
  • Learn to create a custom expandable commenting widget