Agile UX Documentation

AxureWorld 2012


Nicholas Paredes

Documentation in the age of Agile is no longer a PDF, but a prototype

actively discussed on a continual basis with business stakeholders and

developers. The processes we have been implementing enable active

discussion, eliminating some of the most critical mis-interpretations

and hiccups along the way. We will focus how Axure can help us to

communicate. Essential Axure skills are easily attained. UX designers

now need to focus on what is being built in order to facilitate

interaction between constituents.

How to Stay Standing When Clients Keep Pushing

AxureWorld 2012 - Session 4

Presenter: Elizabeth Srail

We seemingly all face scope creep. Sometimes the scope increases by one little request here and one little request there. Other times, it is a major demand. During this discussion I will give a few tips that will help you manage your client's expectations. I will also discuss a couple ways that Axure can help you say nimble in time when you may have to take on additional work.

Is it Time for Specifications to Die?

AxureWorld 2012 - Session 2

Presenter: Barbara Ballard

Session Details: Specifications are difficult to manage and hard to read. Stakeholders avoid reading them. Can we get by without them? The answer, with Axure could be "yes, and we can do even better using just prototypes."  We'll talk about benefits of using just prototypes, and Axure techniques to make prototypes the center of your UX communication process. 

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Managing Change With Axure.

RoundTable Synopsis: The only constant in software development in general, and UX specifically is change:  UX practitioners on projects large and small need to negotiate the ever shifting list of  features and limitations and in turn manage deliverables such as interactive prototypes, requirements, specifications and design patterns.

Presentation 1: Dr. Jerry Smith
In this presentation Jerry talks about usability and change issues from the perspective of an IT executive. While not a ‘how to’ talk on Axure it is an engaging and relevant talk that explores cultural differences – within organizations and people that go beyond UX.

Presentation 2: Dhawal Shah
In this presentation Dhawal discusses 3 strategies, their pros and cons, for managing change in large shared Axure projects, including handling multiple releases.

Presentation 3: Andrew Sickorsky
In this presentation Andrew discusses several approaches, their pros and cons, for managing change in shared Axure projects while collaborating with other team members such as visual designers.

Presentation 4: Ravi Singh
In this presentation Ravi talks about embracing change as part of an organization's design & development process, and the role Axure in this process.