Axure 8 and Collaboration

Presenter: Rachel Brown

Axure RP includes a number of features that help cross-disciplinary teams contribute to a single RP file. Team Projects allows multiple people to work on a file at the same time, while Notes, Masters, Libraries, and Styles can make working in Axure more efficient and consistent across the team. This session will demonstrate how cross-disciplinary teams can use each of these features, as well as give you a look at improvements to these features coming in Axure RP 8.

"The Great Widget in the Sky"

Presenter: Ritch Macefield

This session is driven by popular demand following publication of the UXMatters article: "An Overview of Expert Heuristic Evaluation". Macefield (2014)

As this article explains, specialist Usability Engineers/Consultants are key to most UXD teams, but are rarely involved directly with axure (team projects). This session explains how these professionals can use Axure to perform expert/heuristic reviews of exiting s/w, Axure generated prototypes as well as work within an axure file itself. This includes the use of a specialist widget library and specification template developed by Ax-Stream for this purpose.

Rachel Brown

Presenter, AxureWorld 2015: Axure 8 and Collaboration


Rachel Brown joined the Axure team in 2013. Having earned her stripes in Product Support, Rachel became an Associate Product Manager at Axure in July 2014. Rachel manages the requests and requirements for Axure RP and Axure Share. She also oversees the online training and documentation and is the company’s liaison with independent Axure Trainers around the world. Recently, she published a series teaching the new features in Axure RP 8 and is spearheading a redesign of Axure’s license management applications.

 A graduate of the University of Rochester, Rachel enjoys playing ice hockey and rooting for her hometown team, the Washington Capitals.