Managing Change With Axure.

RoundTable Synopsis: The only constant in software development in general, and UX specifically is change:  UX practitioners on projects large and small need to negotiate the ever shifting list of  features and limitations and in turn manage deliverables such as interactive prototypes, requirements, specifications and design patterns.

Presentation 1: Dr. Jerry Smith
In this presentation Jerry talks about usability and change issues from the perspective of an IT executive. While not a ‘how to’ talk on Axure it is an engaging and relevant talk that explores cultural differences – within organizations and people that go beyond UX.

Presentation 2: Dhawal Shah
In this presentation Dhawal discusses 3 strategies, their pros and cons, for managing change in large shared Axure projects, including handling multiple releases.

Presentation 3: Andrew Sickorsky
In this presentation Andrew discusses several approaches, their pros and cons, for managing change in shared Axure projects while collaborating with other team members such as visual designers.

Presentation 4: Ravi Singh
In this presentation Ravi talks about embracing change as part of an organization's design & development process, and the role Axure in this process.