Making Axure Responsive Demos Less Confusing

Presenter: Svetlin Denkov

Download the RP file | Link to Svet's presentation on AxShare

Presentation Summary

This presentation will explain to intermediate and advanced Axure users techniques for more effectively demoing Responsive Web Designs (RWD) when using the new adaptive views feature. Participants will learn how to structure their responsive prototypes so breakpoint content can be shown in the desktop browser without relying on the window resizing metaphor. The speaker will walk through the design of a responsive prototype, and then he will demo two different approaches: first, switching breakpoints one at a time; second, engaging breakpoints interactively all at once. Additionally, the audience will learn more on how the adaptive view feature works as the building blocks of the approaches are discussed in detail.

Take Aways

1. Overview of adaptive views and setting breakpoints for mobile and tablet devices

2. Explaining alternative RWD presentation methods and showcasing their benefits

3. Learn to use iFrames for simulating different viewports

4. Learn to create a realistic looking rotation widget using device shells

5. Learn to preserve context across breakpoints via variables