Data-Driven Prototypes and the Repeater

Presenter: Shira Luk-Zilberman (Israel)

The powerful repeater widget that was introduced in Axure 7 allows to simulate realistic interactions, which are fast to build, and easy to maintain.

  • If you find yourselves duplicating widgets, with slight changed to texts and images, and then have to tediously change the font size in 20 places, time after time. 
  • If you ever tried to simulate tables and lists using dynamic panels, and realized it takes 5-10 states just to demonstrate sorting and filtering.
  • If your usability test has only one scenario that works properly, and you pray the user will stick to the instructions  

Than this session is for you! 

In this session Shira reviews the basic features of the Repeater widget, and demonstrates some of its more advanced capabilities.

Downloads: PPT | RP

Part 1 (~30 min):

Part 2 (~30 min):