Agile UX Documentation

AxureWorld 2012


Nicholas Paredes

Documentation in the age of Agile is no longer a PDF, but a prototype

actively discussed on a continual basis with business stakeholders and

developers. The processes we have been implementing enable active

discussion, eliminating some of the most critical mis-interpretations

and hiccups along the way. We will focus how Axure can help us to

communicate. Essential Axure skills are easily attained. UX designers

now need to focus on what is being built in order to facilitate

interaction between constituents.

Is it Time for Specifications to Die?

AxureWorld 2012 - Session 2

Presenter: Barbara Ballard

Session Details: Specifications are difficult to manage and hard to read. Stakeholders avoid reading them. Can we get by without them? The answer, with Axure could be "yes, and we can do even better using just prototypes."  We'll talk about benefits of using just prototypes, and Axure techniques to make prototypes the center of your UX communication process. 

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