Designing Mobile Applications

AxureWorld 2011

Session 1, 16:00 GMT, 10:00am CT

Panelists: Ritch Macefield (UK) 
André Muniz (Brazil)
Christopher Roosen (Australia) 

Session Details:
Ritch's session covered key issues and concepts related to:

  • prototyping mobile applications in general 
  • prototyping mobile applications using Axure 
  • prototyping mobile applications using Axperts’ mobile simulator

Ritch demonstrated a simple iPhone App called “Find my Friends” built using Axperts’ Axure mobile simulator, and how key aspects of the “Find my Friends” was constructed within Axure using the mobile simulator.

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Christopher focused on several aspects of usability testing Axure generated mobile prototypes, including: 

  • Determine the required prototype fidelity
  • Selecting the mobiles
  • Tips when creating the mobile prototype in Axure
  • Methods of putting the Axure prototype onto the mobile
  • Recording the mobile usability testing sessions

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André covered:

  • Mobile devices characteristics
  • Constraints when dealing with mobile
  • Portability
  • Axure in mobile prototyping

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