AxureWorld 2012

July 27, 2012 

AxureWorld sessions will be live, using the GoToWebinar platform. Once you register for the event (registration will open in July-1), you will get an invite with a link, which will enable you to join, on the day of the event.

The sessions will be recorded, and added here after the event.

5 copies of Axure RP 6 Prototyping Essentials will be ruffled among participating audiance, curtusy of Packt Publishing.

See you on July 27, 2012



Agile UX Documentation

AxureWorld 2012


Nicholas Paredes

Documentation in the age of Agile is no longer a PDF, but a prototype

actively discussed on a continual basis with business stakeholders and

developers. The processes we have been implementing enable active

discussion, eliminating some of the most critical mis-interpretations

and hiccups along the way. We will focus how Axure can help us to

communicate. Essential Axure skills are easily attained. UX designers

now need to focus on what is being built in order to facilitate

interaction between constituents.

How to Stay Standing When Clients Keep Pushing

AxureWorld 2012 - Session 4

Presenter: Elizabeth Srail

We seemingly all face scope creep. Sometimes the scope increases by one little request here and one little request there. Other times, it is a major demand. During this discussion I will give a few tips that will help you manage your client's expectations. I will also discuss a couple ways that Axure can help you say nimble in time when you may have to take on additional work.

How to Use Axure Variables Like a Pro(grammer)

AxureWorld 2012 - Session 3

Presenter: Pete Karabetis

Session Details: If there were ever a monster in an Axure user's closet, it would be variables. Scary as they sound, they're easy to learn and will give you an edge when prototyping functions and mathematical computations. In this workshop, Panayiotis explains how to combine local variables, textfields, and dynamic panels to simulate fast and powerful number crunching! You'll be one step closer to not having to rely on a developer to demonstrate your ideas!

Resources are posted here:



Is it Time for Specifications to Die?

AxureWorld 2012 - Session 2

Presenter: Barbara Ballard

Session Details: Specifications are difficult to manage and hard to read. Stakeholders avoid reading them. Can we get by without them? The answer, with Axure could be "yes, and we can do even better using just prototypes."  We'll talk about benefits of using just prototypes, and Axure techniques to make prototypes the center of your UX communication process. 

Link to slideshow

Axure and Visual Design

AxureWorld 2012 - Session 1

Presenter: Ritch Macefield 

Session Details: Exploring the (scope of) features for visual design and layout within Axure. This session may be particularly useful for UX Designers who have previously been working (to produce Hi-Fi prototypes and final screen designs) in tools like: Photoshop, Fireworks and InDesign and who want to make the transition to Axure.

My links and contacts are and

Elizabeth Srail

Presenter, AxureWorld 2012 (How to Stay Standing When Clients Keep Pushing

Elizabeth has been interested in learning about people her entire life. Drawn to this field because the idea of helping a business executives understand that they should learn how the company’s customers behave and think before making strategic decisions was reason enough.

Elizabeth’s philosophy of a good user experience is a thoughtful, scalable architecture, an amazing visual design that does not become quickly outdated, and a smart and flexible technical architecture. Elizabeth was the UX designer on a website that incorporated each of these elements, earning a Webby Honorable Mention in the Parenting/ Family category.

Since 1999, Elizabeth has worked at large financial institutions, marketing/branding agencies, and for UX specific services companies. Therefore, she has done UX work in many industries: financial, retail, education, spirits, and health and wellness. This diverse experience has helped aide her success in the UX field. She has been using Axure continuously for three and half years and was one of the technical reviewers Axure RP 6 Prototyping Essentials.

Elizabeth graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ohio University with a BA in Finance and a BA in Management Information Systems. She also accidentally earned a minor in Spanish because she enjoyed speaking the language so much.

On a personal note, Elizabeth is a devoted yoga student of the Ashtanga yoga system and believes that an expansive body leads to an expansive mind.

Barbara Ballard

Presenter, AxureWorld 2012 (Is it Time for Specifications to Die?)

Barbara Ballard works in user experience strategy and architecture, with a heavy emphasis on mobile and cross-channel multi-platform experiences. With a mixture of design, human factors, and engineering education, she works on both broad vision and implementation details. 
Her over 15 years of experience have been with organizations from startups to Fortune 100 companies, like Skyfire, Yapmo, Sprint, AT&T, and The Weather Channel. She holds a BS from the University of California at Berkeley, and significant graduate work in human factors, psychology, and industrial design from the North Carolina State University. 


Nicholas Paredes


Presenter, AxureWorld 2012, 2011

Nicholas Paredes is a design strategist, manager, and architect
focusing on mobile behavior. He has developed mobile and
cross-platform products for education, m-health, and e-commerce
markets. Currently, Manager of Mobile User Experience at Grainger, a
global industrial supply retailer, and the 15th largest web e-com
property, he has contributed to their mobile web site, as well as
recently launched iPhone and Android apps.

Nicholas studied at the Institute of Design in Chicago and Hochschule
für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel. He was a partner at Simple
Interfaces, which developed content for most of the major educational
publishers in the primary market. His first mobile start-up was
Modoku, which developed a CMS build process for template based iOS
applications, and launched several projects for independent music
labels and small e-commerce efforts. As Lead Experience Designer for
Walgreens, he launched their iPhone, Android, and both
internally-facing and consumer iPad apps. And, now at Grainger he
manages a team devoted to mobile e-commerce efforts.

Nicholas is a certified yoga instructor, and enjoys making enormous
paellas for dozens of friends. He lives in Chicago, and is actively
interested in start-ups and developing his skills in design and
business. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

Pete Karabetis

Presenter, 2011, AxureWorld 2012 ( How to Use Axure Variables Like a Pro(grammer) )

Panayiotis Karabetis, who people call Pete for short, co-owns Vim Interactive in Baltimore where he oversees the IA and Ux process. Beginning as a graphic designer and front-end developer—and doing time as a baker, bookkeeper and part-time dance instructor—he's hounded by perfectionism on every project to ensure user needs and business objectives can live happily ever after.

His passion for evolving web practices is fueled by an overactive imagination and a one-cup-a-day limit on all coffee products so at least some sleep can be had in between client work.

Panayiotis is the creator of the Social Media Icons widget library and, Team Vim as a whole, is responsible for Axureland, the place where Axure enthusiasts can share free resources with the growing Axure community.