Designing Mobile Applications

AxureWorld 2011

Session 1, 16:00 GMT, 10:00am CT

Panelists: Ritch Macefield (UK) 
André Muniz (Brazil)
Christopher Roosen (Australia) 

Session Details:
Ritch's session covered key issues and concepts related to:

  • prototyping mobile applications in general 
  • prototyping mobile applications using Axure 
  • prototyping mobile applications using Axperts’ mobile simulator

Ritch demonstrated a simple iPhone App called “Find my Friends” built using Axperts’ Axure mobile simulator, and how key aspects of the “Find my Friends” was constructed within Axure using the mobile simulator.

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Christopher focused on several aspects of usability testing Axure generated mobile prototypes, including: 

  • Determine the required prototype fidelity
  • Selecting the mobiles
  • Tips when creating the mobile prototype in Axure
  • Methods of putting the Axure prototype onto the mobile
  • Recording the mobile usability testing sessions

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André covered:

  • Mobile devices characteristics
  • Constraints when dealing with mobile
  • Portability
  • Axure in mobile prototyping

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Nicholas Paredes


Presenter, AxureWorld 2012, 2011

Nicholas Paredes is a design strategist, manager, and architect
focusing on mobile behavior. He has developed mobile and
cross-platform products for education, m-health, and e-commerce
markets. Currently, Manager of Mobile User Experience at Grainger, a
global industrial supply retailer, and the 15th largest web e-com
property, he has contributed to their mobile web site, as well as
recently launched iPhone and Android apps.

Nicholas studied at the Institute of Design in Chicago and Hochschule
für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel. He was a partner at Simple
Interfaces, which developed content for most of the major educational
publishers in the primary market. His first mobile start-up was
Modoku, which developed a CMS build process for template based iOS
applications, and launched several projects for independent music
labels and small e-commerce efforts. As Lead Experience Designer for
Walgreens, he launched their iPhone, Android, and both
internally-facing and consumer iPad apps. And, now at Grainger he
manages a team devoted to mobile e-commerce efforts.

Nicholas is a certified yoga instructor, and enjoys making enormous
paellas for dozens of friends. He lives in Chicago, and is actively
interested in start-ups and developing his skills in design and
business. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

André Muniz

Panelist, Session 1, AxureWorld 2011

André is a user experience researcher located in Brazil with six years of expertise in mobile devices and interface design.

He currently works at the Centro de Estudos e Sistemas Avançados do Recife (CESAR) in test and design projects related to mobile devices. With expertise in multimedia and user-centered design, he developed jobs for Motorola and Samsung as well as other projects focused on human interaction and digital content. In addition, he also acts as a professor of user-centered design, usability and prototyping in several local educational institutions.

He is a big fan of prototyping activities at various levels and mobile universe, including Android and iOS. Also, performed some jobs related to muse, game design and development.

Christopher Roosen

Panelist, Session 1, AxureWorld 2011

Christopher has been living experience architecture, information architecture and interaction design since 2003, after graduating with a Masters of Science (Honors) in Psychology from the University of Canterbury (NZ). He followed this with postgraduate certification in cognitive ergonomics and human factors from the University of Queensland (AUS).

Christopher specializes in interaction design, IA, usability analysis and experience architecture. He has deep domain experience in rich internet applications, real-time systems, mobile applications and process design. He has applied his skills in a wide variety of domains including: end-to-end transactional systems for the telecommunications and financial industries, cutting-edge medical interfaces, and leading mobile applications.

He is an Axure advocate and conducted some of the first Axure training in Australia. He has consulted with some of the largest and most innovative companies in Oceania, including: Westpac, Macquarie, Citibank, Optus, Telstra and News Digital Media. He is also a founder and director of Demibooks Inc. , a global software development company that specializes in software and services for mobile applications and interactive books.

He does blog-like things at and can be found in the usual places like LinkedIn (christopherroosen) and Twitter (@chrisroosen).


Pete Karabetis

Presenter, 2011, AxureWorld 2012 ( How to Use Axure Variables Like a Pro(grammer) )

Panayiotis Karabetis, who people call Pete for short, co-owns Vim Interactive in Baltimore where he oversees the IA and Ux process. Beginning as a graphic designer and front-end developer—and doing time as a baker, bookkeeper and part-time dance instructor—he's hounded by perfectionism on every project to ensure user needs and business objectives can live happily ever after.

His passion for evolving web practices is fueled by an overactive imagination and a one-cup-a-day limit on all coffee products so at least some sleep can be had in between client work.

Panayiotis is the creator of the Social Media Icons widget library and, Team Vim as a whole, is responsible for Axureland, the place where Axure enthusiasts can share free resources with the growing Axure community.

Ari Feldman

Panelist, session 3, AxureWorld 2011
Ari is currently the Director of User Experience at Admeld and works primarily on projects in the RTB (real-time bidding) advertising space. Previously, he was the Vice President of Product at TargetSpot, an innovative advertising platform and network for Internet Radio and has over 15 years of experience in Product Management and web production.

Ari is also the creator of WidgetLib, a library of common UI components and patterns designed to facilitate rapid prototype development for users of Axure RP 6.0 and later.