Managing Change With Axure.

RoundTable Synopsis: The only constant in software development in general, and UX specifically is change:  UX practitioners on projects large and small need to negotiate the ever shifting list of  features and limitations and in turn manage deliverables such as interactive prototypes, requirements, specifications and design patterns.

Presentation 1: Dr. Jerry Smith
In this presentation Jerry talks about usability and change issues from the perspective of an IT executive. While not a ‘how to’ talk on Axure it is an engaging and relevant talk that explores cultural differences – within organizations and people that go beyond UX.

Presentation 2: Dhawal Shah
In this presentation Dhawal discusses 3 strategies, their pros and cons, for managing change in large shared Axure projects, including handling multiple releases.

Presentation 3: Andrew Sickorsky
In this presentation Andrew discusses several approaches, their pros and cons, for managing change in shared Axure projects while collaborating with other team members such as visual designers.

Presentation 4: Ravi Singh
In this presentation Ravi talks about embracing change as part of an organization's design & development process, and the role Axure in this process.

Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh is a user experience architect based in Houston, TX, with 12 years of web design and development experience, and 9 years of focus in user-centered research and design. He has often played the role of usability evangelist motivating product and development teams to adopt a user-centered approach.  His professional background includes many years working for Fortune 100 energy companies, as well as well as extensive consulting experience across industries. He has designed and developed intranets, GIS interfaces, multi-media interfaces, content-rich websites and e-commerce sites. He has been an Axure user and advocate for 3 years and has conducted training for his staff and for clients.

Ravi has a background in fine arts, with an MFA from the University of Houston and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He also studied painting and stone carving in Lacoste, France and urban design in Saintes, France.

Presented in AxureWorld 2010:

Andrew Sickorsky

Andrew Sickorsky, Senior UX-engineer at USABILITYLAB LLC. Former lecturer on applied math and Senior Software Tester. Works in field of User Experience for about 4 years planning and doing research, eye-tracking studies, prototyping and supervising colleagues in different aspects of research and design activities. Specializes in intranets, banking software and e-commerce sites. Main focuses are: holistic approach to User Experience/ Customer experience and mapping HCD (ISO-9241-210) to any development cycle. Author of several internal and external trainings on UCD/HCD methodology. Founder and coordinator of User Experience Russia community.

Strongly believes in 2 things: 1) Ability to find the place for every product in people's everyday life for everyone's joy and satisfaction ("matching user needs to business abilities") and 2) Useful products save the world.

Presented in AxureWorld 2010:

Dhawal Shah

I am an IA & UX Designer with about 15 years of experience in usability, conceptualization, creative strategy, graphics and web design. My consulting assignments over the years have provided me opportunities to work on a variety of projects in the media, gaming, finance and insurance industries and helped me develop a broad multi-disciplinary approach to requirement gathering, user experience design, information presentation, branding and usability.  I advocate and try to practice the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) mantra in my projects, focusing on streamlined design, agile development and flexible, affordable, accessible and most importantly "usable" applications.


Presented in AxureWorld 2010: