Axure 8 and Collaboration

Presenter: Rachel Brown

Axure RP includes a number of features that help cross-disciplinary teams contribute to a single RP file. Team Projects allows multiple people to work on a file at the same time, while Notes, Masters, Libraries, and Styles can make working in Axure more efficient and consistent across the team. This session will demonstrate how cross-disciplinary teams can use each of these features, as well as give you a look at improvements to these features coming in Axure RP 8.

"The Great Widget in the Sky"

Presenter: Ritch Macefield

This session is driven by popular demand following publication of the UXMatters article: "An Overview of Expert Heuristic Evaluation". Macefield (2014)

As this article explains, specialist Usability Engineers/Consultants are key to most UXD teams, but are rarely involved directly with axure (team projects). This session explains how these professionals can use Axure to perform expert/heuristic reviews of exiting s/w, Axure generated prototypes as well as work within an axure file itself. This includes the use of a specialist widget library and specification template developed by Ax-Stream for this purpose.

Rachel Brown

Presenter, AxureWorld 2015: Axure 8 and Collaboration


Rachel Brown joined the Axure team in 2013. Having earned her stripes in Product Support, Rachel became an Associate Product Manager at Axure in July 2014. Rachel manages the requests and requirements for Axure RP and Axure Share. She also oversees the online training and documentation and is the company’s liaison with independent Axure Trainers around the world. Recently, she published a series teaching the new features in Axure RP 8 and is spearheading a redesign of Axure’s license management applications.

 A graduate of the University of Rochester, Rachel enjoys playing ice hockey and rooting for her hometown team, the Washington Capitals.

Archie Miller

With over 18 years of product design experience, Archie has worked with many nationally prominent US clients such as American Express, Amtrak, General Electric, Owens Corning, and Wachovia.

Most recently, Archie has led UX for online product development for teams at Crutchfield, Snagajob, and most recently as Team Manager for Interaction Design at CarMax.

Saikat Mandal


Presenter: AxureWorld 2014, Adaptive Views and Responsive Web Design

Saikat Mandal is a Sr. UX Designer at Classic System Solutions, where he researches, designs, builds and tests interactive prototypes for enterprise applications, to be used on desktop as well as mobile devices. He has about ten years of experience in Design, Information Architecture and User Experience. He has bachelors in Architecture, masters in Visual Communication and a second masters in Instructional Media Design.

He has used Axure for several years now and it is now his favorite design tool. When needed, he repurposes Axure to meet his design needs, especially around collaborative design work. In his spare time, he likes to paint and read about smart buildings. More about him can be found here:

Advanced Interactions: "Alan's Psychedelic Widget - Re-Using Cases"

Presenter: Ritch Macefield

Ritch will present his contribution to the “Practitioner’s Corner” of Ezra and Elizabeth’s new Axure book: “Prototyping Essentials with Axure”. This covers a technique for re-using cases across multiple events and widgets; which makes managing and updating complex prototypes significant easier and faster, and less prone to errors. The session is targeted at intermediate to advanced users and assumes familiarity with: radio groups, global variables, local variables and Axure’s function builder.

Adaptive Views and Responsive Web Design

Presenters: Jim Hobart and Saikat Mandal (USA)


Responsive design has become the leading technique for delivering multi-device solutions.

Adaptive views allows you to prototype a solution and adapt the display for different viewports to simulate response designs.

Learn how we have used Adaptive views to build real-world prototypes for our clients. We’ll share what we have learned including pitfalls, complexity,  and managing this new capability for visualizing requirements.


  • Why adaptive views?
  • Why Axure vs. prototyping in ‘Code’ - Bootstrap, Foundation frameworks?
  • Real-world example of adaptive view and responsive design for an enterprise application
  • Lessons learned

Gathering Feedback from Stakeholders

Presenter: Péter W. Szabó (Romania)

Let me help you turn gathering feedback from stakeholders into an epic win. I will show you 5 quick win techniques to do so. All those will utilise different deliverables created with Axure RP, the sharpest tool in my UX tool-shed. I turned stakeholder interviews upside down, and it became something awesome.


Data-Driven Prototypes and the Repeater

Presenter: Shira Luk-Zilberman (Israel)

The powerful repeater widget that was introduced in Axure 7 allows to simulate realistic interactions, which are fast to build, and easy to maintain.

  • If you find yourselves duplicating widgets, with slight changed to texts and images, and then have to tediously change the font size in 20 places, time after time. 
  • If you ever tried to simulate tables and lists using dynamic panels, and realized it takes 5-10 states just to demonstrate sorting and filtering.
  • If your usability test has only one scenario that works properly, and you pray the user will stick to the instructions  

Than this session is for you! 

In this session Shira reviews the basic features of the Repeater widget, and demonstrates some of its more advanced capabilities.

Downloads: PPT | RP

Part 1 (~30 min):

Part 2 (~30 min):

Building a large-scale cross-screen UI library

Presenter: Lennart Hennigs

Link to Lennart's slides

In this presentation I will share my experiences creating a Axure starter package for in-house use at my company, focusing on the UI library part covering mobile and web. You will learn how to use Widget Styles in Axure to speed up the creation process and to reduce the complexity. I will share my learnings to help you build your own libraries and get your company started with prototyping.

Lennart's Sildes

Making Axure Responsive Demos Less Confusing

Presenter: Svetlin Denkov

Download the RP file | Link to Svet's presentation on AxShare

Presentation Summary

This presentation will explain to intermediate and advanced Axure users techniques for more effectively demoing Responsive Web Designs (RWD) when using the new adaptive views feature. Participants will learn how to structure their responsive prototypes so breakpoint content can be shown in the desktop browser without relying on the window resizing metaphor. The speaker will walk through the design of a responsive prototype, and then he will demo two different approaches: first, switching breakpoints one at a time; second, engaging breakpoints interactively all at once. Additionally, the audience will learn more on how the adaptive view feature works as the building blocks of the approaches are discussed in detail.

Take Aways

1. Overview of adaptive views and setting breakpoints for mobile and tablet devices

2. Explaining alternative RWD presentation methods and showcasing their benefits

3. Learn to use iFrames for simulating different viewports

4. Learn to create a realistic looking rotation widget using device shells

5. Learn to preserve context across breakpoints via variables