axureworld 2015 - October 16, 2015

Starting time*:15:00 UTC, 10am Central

Topic: Team Projects

Call for presenters

Teams of 4 or larger (or individuals with experience leading or participating in such a team) are invited to share their experiences using Axure's 'Team Projects' feature. Of special interest are stories of cross-disciplinary teams that include/d visual designers, business analysts and others who worked on the Axure file - in addition UX users.

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* = The length of the event will be determined once the program is finalized.

Presentation Proposals

All proposals will be posted here: 

Axure for Lean UX Enterprise [Archie Miller]

Applying a Lean UX practice to an Enterprise is a big challenge, and Axure can play a critical role in making that work. For this to happen the entire product team must be involved in prototyping and creating the experiments that drive Lean UX.
The session will include:

  • What Lean UX means and how it functions within an Enterprise.
  • How Axure helps Lean teams work together for shared understanding.
  • An example of a Lean experiment that focused rapid learning with Axure prototypes.