axureworld 2015 - NOVEMBER 20, 2015 

Starting time*:15:00 UTC, 10am Central

Focus: Axure for Teams

Call for presenters

Apologies, but I have to reschedule the event to November 20th. 
Of special interest this year will be sessions focused on teams collaboration and workflows, challenges and best practices for consistency and governance for creating and editing wires, prototypes, documentation and other artifacts. Other topics are also welcome!.

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Submitted Proposals (2 as of Aug 4)

All proposals will be posted here: 

Axure for Lean UX Enterprise [Archie Miller, US]

Applying a Lean UX practice to an Enterprise is a big challenge, and Axure can play a critical role in making that work. For this to happen the entire product team must be involved in prototyping and creating the experiments that drive Lean UX.
The session will include:

  • What Lean UX means and how it functions within an Enterprise.
  • How Axure helps Lean teams work together for shared understanding.
  • An example of a Lean experiment that focused rapid learning with Axure prototypes.

"The Great Widget in the Sky " - Including Usability Engineers/Consultants in team projects using Axure. [Ritch Macefield, UK]

This session is driven by popular demand following publication of the UXMatters article: "An Overview of Expert Heuristic Evaluation". Macefield (2014)

As this article explains, specialist Usability Engineers/Consultants are key to most UXD teams, but are rarely involved directly with axure (team projects). This session explains how these professionals can use Axure to perform expert/heuristic reviews of exiting s/w, Axure generated prototypes as well as work within an axure file itself. This includes the use of a specialist widget library and specification template developed by Ax-Stream for this purpose.

Building Effective UX Teams with Axure  [Ezra Schwartz, US]
This session will include a presentation and open discussion focused on the growth journey of UX teams - The transformation of individuals that find themselves with a group of strangers that are are expected to perform in a very demanding situation. When approached properly, Axure can facilitate this transformation,  serve as the glue that binds the team and keep all connected, motivated and highly performing.